Thursday, May 10, 2012

And This Brings You To Today...

Every pregnancy I have gone into labor earlier and earlier.  It's never been early enough to alarm anyone, but I knew with Isabella that I probably wouldn't make it past 38 weeks and that was just fine with me.  The night before I went into labor was the night of the septic tank debacle so after that ordeal my labor seemed pretty uneventful...we got to the hospital, yes, I' was really in labor, and then we just sat around, waiting for the baby to make her entrance.  Finally at five thirty PM on February 8, Isabella was born.  

She proceeded to have some issues just like her brother Roman had and we spent some time in the NICU.  <-----craziness.  

The crazy continued to take over life.  Many of you know that I'm single now.  The details which led to that are not something I'm willing to blog about, but I would like to pick up at the point at which I became single.  

Last August I moved into a house very close to my grandparents.  I always said I wanted to live in an old house, but I was sure that if I ever lived in an older house it would be in an old broken down farmhouse.  Instead, I moved into a charming 1920's house.  I'm in love with it and interestingly it was the one house I looked at that I thought I hated until I went through it...then I fell in love with it.  

Since then, I've been a single mom to four kids.  For inquiring minds, their dad is still very involved with them.  We might not be together, but he is a great dad and the kids have his undivided attention when they're with him.  I can't complain.  

That being said, the past ten months have not been easy; far from it, in fact.  I'm still learning how to walk through this unexpected season with a good attitude.  I struggle daily with how to keep a house clean, raise children who love God, and how to shoulder the many (albeit wonderful) responsibilities God has entrusted to me.  

Thank you so much for wanting to read my story.  My hope is that you've been able to see that through the ups and the downs, the scripted and the unexpected, that God was right there with me, the same way He promises to be for you.

Many blessings on you, friend.


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