Monday, June 11, 2012

Waiting for Sunrise by Eva Marie Everson (Book Review)

Waiting for Sunrise: A Cedar Key NovelWaiting for Sunrise: A Cedar Key Novel by Eva Marie Everson

I've been waiting for this book to release ever since I finished Everson's Chasing Sunsets. I first got hooked on Everson's writing when I read This Fine Life.

Everson tackles some very tough issues in this novel without making it a total downer. Instead of the romanticized life, her characters are authentic, believable and easy to relate to...the way every character should be, right? Throughout this novel characters deal with the fallout of abusive childhoods and mental illness as well.

In this novel Everson utilizes flashbacks to keep the plot moving as well as keeping it interesting. I love that Everson excels at writing about ordinary people doing ordinary things with the same problems that many people deal with, but don't talk about.

In an age where many Christian authors are not talking about the hard subjects, it's encouraging to read work from an author who broaches such topics with class and grace while maintaining the integrity of the storyline.

While this is the "second" book in the Cedar Key Novels it can by all means be read alone, though if you haven't read Chasing Sunsets yet, I propose it be your next read!

I received a copy of this title for review purposes from Revell Publishing a division of Baker Publishing Group. All opinions are my own.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012


I'm taking a break.  I'll be back.  I'm still guest posting at Allume. There's nothing wrong.  I'll still be tweeting and facebooking like crazy.  I'll also be running the Better Writer facebook group.  Please (!!!) contact me.  I'm taking a break from blogging, not from my friends (like you!)

Can't wait to see you again on July 1!

Monday, May 14, 2012

One Word

Sleeping Giant
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Be the best.

Be your best.

At first glance these statements don't seem all that different.  Take a moment, however and really look at them.  Be the best vs. be your best.

I've always wanted to excel; to be the best.  Whether it was getting the best grades, running the fastest, or lasting the longest, I wanted to be it.  That's just the way it was, but as I found out, you can never be the best at everything and most times there will be someone better than you.  Life is too short to master everything.

I grew up hiking with my dad.  Ever since I was little, I wanted to hike the 46 high peaks in NY state to become a member of the somewhat elite, 46-er club.  I'm kind of an all-or-nothing gal, so if I was going to hike it meant that I wanted to be the best hiker ever and hike not only the forty-six high peaks, but also Rainier, Washington and someday Everest.  What?

What began as friendly family time hikes turned into my own personal need to climb Everest?  Where did that come from?  Like I said, I'm competitive.  Doing well isn't enough, I have to perform the best.

There is a difference between being "the best" and "your best".  I'm not called to be the best in everything I do; I'm called to perform at MY best.  In hiking, my personal best might be to finish just one more hike--not necessarily to climb Everest.  Actually, I can tell you right now I am not called to climb Everest.  No really.  Won't happen.  In my mothering I am called to be the best mother I can be, but MY best mothering isn't supposed to look like your best mothering.  Doing my best might consist of taking all the kids out for McDonald's once a week so I can maintain my sanity while your best mothering might be never allowing your children to eat McDonald's.

The point I'm making is that we don't need to feel guilty when our best doesn't look the same as someone else's best because frankly, the gauge by which we measure our success is held by God, not us.

What is one area in which YOUR best looks 
different than THE best?


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