Tuesday, January 3, 2012


thoughts swirl and voices carry on conversations between the girl with the green eyes and hazelnut hair and the stable boy who mucks out stalls and wears suspenders.  Words are whispered, promises breathed and subsequently broken; lives spelled out, letter by letter, pushed to the very precipice of disaster and miraculously saved or sometimes, dashed against the rocks.

We write.
Or at least we'd like to.
But there's this thing about those conversations in my head...they just can't seem to make it onto paper.

At Relevant 2011 I attended a workshop on writing.  The speakers {Emily P. Freeman, Sarah Markley, Sara Sophia, Lisa-Jo Baker, and Serena Woods} shared a wealth of information and I so appreciated being able to listen in on their words of wisdom.  One thing that resonated with me was the admonition and encouragement from Sarah Markley to write 300 words a day.

300 words.

It sounds like a lot, but really, it isn't.  As I mulled it over and over in my head I knew that I would need help.  I would need the help of other women like me who feel the overwhelming compulsion to scratch pen to paper {or click nails to plastic keyboard} and sort out their life-blood.  So here I am.

I'm not sure what will happen or if this will even go anywhere, but here's my idea.

Let's write.
Let's write 300 words, four (4) days a week.
You don't have to publish them--just write them.
Whether it be in your journal,
your blog,
your napkin at starbucks {though it would have to be quite a large napkin}
just write it down.

Then every Tuesday link up your favorite post from that week
because as we write 300 words 4 days a week
for a grand total of 1200 a week,
our overall writing will improve
and thus, so will our posts.
{if you want to be brave and post one of your 300 worders that would be swell}

So...here goes.
One big leap.
Will you Commit2Write ?

feel free to grab the image above by 
right clicking and saving it
It'd be just peachy if you'd link back to 
hitherto & henceforth.

Link up below if you want in :-)  I can't wait to see what's going to happen!

P.s.- we'll be tweeting with the #commit2write hashtag


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