Saturday, January 21, 2012

week in review

1.  We have a budding artist in our house.  Her favorite medium is whatever she can get her hands on and her most common canvas is my walls, though yesterday she deviated and took acrylic paint to my heaters and floors.  Lovely, I know.  Here she is displaying her newest masterpiece.



 2.  As I'm sure you've figured out, 
we go through a lot of these in our house.
and now they come in a nifty re-sealable variety pack. Oh my happiness!

3.  This week I'm inviting you over 
blog-syle to see my house.
Well, the parts that I shot when it was semi-clean
last week.
Since then it has returned to chaos :-)
Want a sneak preview?
I thought so.
i *heart* my breakfast nook

4.  I'm in love with this recipe.
I've made it three times this week
and will probably make it again today,
Except I made cupcakes.

5.  Someone has a birthday coming up.  
I need to start a Pinterest album to decide what 
to do for her party.



6.  A wonderful friend is doing her one-year photos.
I really like her logo, if I do say so myself.
(It's a good thing too, because I designed it.)


She did Bella's newborn pictures as well.

(if you are in the Central NY area, just contact me and I 
can put you in touch with her)

7.  I'm reading this

and wishing away the snow
so I can buy/wear TOMS.

8.  I'm using the McGuffey's readers
to tutor my daughter in reading.
She loves to read and these just bolster her
I swear, if she reads the word but as in the conjunction,
one more time and goes,
"Ha! I read butt" I just might stroke out.

9.  I'm so thankful for my vacuum cleaner.
It broke this week because it got clogged
with refuse, 
from my floor.

10.  I'm unplugged again today.
Yep, completely unplugged.
I tried it last Sunday and loved it.

Have you ever gone unplugged?

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