Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The only stable dollar around
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I've always had a competitive streak a mile long.  Whether it was in sports or academics I wanted to be the best.  The only exception was when it came to keeping my room clean...then I could not have cared less about who was better at that.  The same was true when I went to college and when I planned my career.  I've always wanted to perform well.

As an interpreter, my career path held interpreting concerts, high level college classes, and perhaps even applying for a CIA or FBI position.  There was never a place in my brain to aspire to be anything less than the best interpreter I could be.  Fast forward 6 (ish) years or so and find myself in a place where I can't interpret professionally anymore.

I went from being a professional interpreter to a full-time stay at home pretty much overnight.  Our hopes were that the damage from the incorrect shot would indeed heal with time.  It did heal a bit, but not enough to allow me to interpret professionally.

Going from working outside the home part-time to full-time stay at home mom was crazy.  Looking back I'm so thankful I was able to come home with my kids.  It took me a good six months to get used to that change.  That might seem like a lot of time, but also during that time, around the end of June we found out we were expecting baby number four which  And not in the "this is totally planned" sort of way.  If you've been keeping track, ALL of our babies were a surprise.  Well, with Roman we weren't NOT trying, but you get the picture.  Planning wasn't really our strong point when it came to babies.

Isabella's pregnancy was a struggle to put it mildly.  After only knowing I was pregnant for a few weeks, I had a sub-chorionic hemorrhage which caused us to almost lose Bella.  Isabella, however, kept my friends praying and me on pins and needles.  For the first twenty weeks anytime I had an ultrasound, played too roughly with the kids, or for any other reason I would start to miscarry again and have to take it easy.  It stunk to say the least.  There's a lot more I have to say on that subject so I'll save it for another post.

I'll leave you here, with me pregnant and waiting for the arrival of baby number 4 in less than 6 years.  Holy Hannah, I can't believe I just wrote that!


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