Tuesday, May 1, 2012

some pictures

In the midst of all the words I've been hitting you with I thought I'd give you some pictures from the earlier years...in other words, when we had only two children.  Sorry about the quality on these, but they are a bit older.  Enjoy!

Zahara ( a few weeks old )

Roman ( 3 ish months old)

It would be a whopping fifteen months before we'd find out we were pregnant again.  During that time Roman was hospitalized for pneumonia, we had to move out of our apartment due to toxic mold, we lived with my mom in a 600 square foot house for 6 months while we waited to close on our house, we bought a house, and just about when I was feeling fantastic about having only two kids our entire lives got turned upside down in the matter of two weeks. 

More about that next time!


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