Saturday, May 12, 2012

recap in pics

The past few weeks have been crazy busy!!  In the same way that things are ending for you, many of our Bible studies, MOPS groups, and other extracurricular activities are winding down.  Part of me is happy while the other part is super sad because I won't be seeing my friends as often.  Here's a recap of our busy week.....

our mommy & son date to the Avengers.

Zahara and her troll, Pretty,
formerly known as Ugly.

these rocks are the best thing since solid food!

my muscle man

Ana sporting her normal 
attitude of 
'no way will I do what you want me to do' 
(looking at the camera)

the science museum where I met
Becky Daye of Daye by Daye

Becky and I 
Better Writer friends.
She wrote about how we came
to be friends here 
and did a better job than I could.
So if you're wondering, go here.

There's a baby starfish to the direct right of my
finger.  So tiny!!! There were hundreds in this tank!

I'm not sure what happened to my Pringles,
but this is what they looked like when I opened
the can.  Wowza!

Like I said, this week was a doozy for a 
few different weekends.  You can read a little
bit more about it here if you want.

I'm off adventuring this weekend,
but I'll be back on Monday. 
Until then....


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