Friday, April 6, 2012

Mothering with Joy

hoya doin?
photo courtesy of thanker212

I struggle with this.
All too often I find myself mothering with impatience instead of joy.
One site that proves to be both helpful and inspiring has been Joyful Mothering which is written by my friend, Christin.
When she announced that she would be accepting guest posts I jumped on the opportunity and she has graciously allowed me to post today on her blog.

"As most moms, many of my to-do’s can only be accomplished once the children are in bed and I try to shield my “alone” time as much as possible. My patience has worn thin and I fight the urge to tuck her in huffily and just leave...."  click here to read the rest.

From our home to yours, may you have 
a wonderful Easter weekend.


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