Monday, April 30, 2012

Cravings - The Devotional

I've been a mom for almost seven years now and I've had my ups and downs.  There are days that I can fit in a full homework page from Beth Moore and more often it's eleven o'clock and I still have yet to even glance in my Bible's direction.  Thankfully, a fellow mom, Carey C. Bailey has devised a tool for those days that you just don't get a chance to dig in deep like you want.

Aren't they cute?  I keep them right next to my stove because I'm bound to see them there.

Here's a close up of the card

You get a verse, a small 'thoughtlet' as Carey calls it, 
and an action/applications step for the day.

I love this idea.  It's not meant to replace thoughtful time in Bible study, but you know those days where you have one or two sick with the stomach bug and you can't even take a breath?  Carey's devotionals are perfect for that because they are just enough to get you through until the next time you can take a breather.  

My favorite part of these are the application/action step.  Biblical wisdom is great, but if you never go a step further and apply it, then it really didn't do you any good, eh?  Cravings makes up for that by supplying you with a thought-out action plan.

If you're interested in purchasing Cravings for a mom (what a great baby shower gift) you can do so here.

Win a Minute-for-Mom gift pack from Carey Bailey! "When I became a mom I lost my God time," says Carey Bailey. "I couldn't figure out how to fit it in, since everything but that time was a priority. So I made note cards that I set around my house with scriptures written on them. Even when my arms were too full of babies, laundry, and diapers to pick up a Bible, I could easily read God's words of encouragement that I was starving for"

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I received a complimentary copy of Cravings for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.


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