Wednesday, February 29, 2012


This week's What I Wore Wednesday post only has two pictures because I just plain forgot to take pictures this week.  Oh well.  I've been writing my little heart out and hanging around the house trying not to go crazy.  I also "spring cleaned" the house.  Yes, a wee bit early, but when the motivation hits (also known as my pastor and his family are coming over) I might as well take advantage of it. Ha!

scarf is Old Navy
That sweater that you can't really see is 
Old Navy, but thrifted.  
Our Salvation Army has a 25 cent 
Monday.  I got it on one of those Mondays.

The mocs were 75% off at Target a couple of weeks ago.
I should have bought two pairs.
The necklace is Noonday, again.
The shirt is Target
and the vest is completely and utterly thrifted.
Oh, and that mess behind me is my
workspace which triples as a
catch all 
and idea board.


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