Monday, February 20, 2012

Love Letter Quotes {Top Ten}


It's resting place was beneath my bed.  Worn and frayed the Adidas box sat there and every time I was given a new letter or memento I would stash it in the box.  I remember the day that I took the box, full of papers and dried flowers out to the fire pit and threw it in.  I probably shouldn't confess the strange satisfaction it gave me to watch it all burn just like the relationship had.  Have you ever held on to the keepsakes of another relationship once you've moved on?  For me it was almost sacrilegious to keep my letters from a former boyfriend while another one was in my life so I would always get rid of them...but I guess some other people don't feel that way and that's how Other People's Love Letters 150 Letters You Were Never Supposed to See came about.

Basically, the author asked all of his friends and family to ask their friends and family to dig through their stuff and find a letter or two from one of their relationships to send in.  Some of the letters are love letters, others are break-up letters, others are letters about turning someone was so much fun to read.  Of course because of the macabre side of me, I totally read the book on Valentine's Day, but even so, it was funny.  So here are my Top Ten quotes from the book.

1.  "Thank You, I Hate You, I'm Sorry "

2.  "And I shall love you until I draw my last breath, and beyond."  -- 11th letter.

3.  My favorite part about this book is that it isn't just typed script from letters.  Instead it is actually scans and pictures of the letter.  Like this quote is a two-page spread of an advertisement in the paper and the following note is handwritten, "Wanted A.S.A.P.  Pretty girl, **, breathtaking eyes, sweet voice, great style, good cook, great smile, smells like spring, etc.  Call-this guy." - 19th letter

4.   "If you could have seen me during the 15 minutes before your wake-up call, you would have seen a man watching a woman sleep.  You would have seen tenderness in his eyes.  You would have seen a smile on his lips.  And if you had looked super-super hard, you might have seen the love growing in his heart."  - 25th letter

5.  This one was written on 11 June 69 upon finding out that he was a father.  It was addressed to "My E," and it reads, "You'll have to forgive me but I've been down the O-club for a while and I'm a little tipsy, but I don't care because I'm filled with so much for you and I could bust.  I wish I was with you now."  (commenting here:  inexplicably sweet and I giggled because some things are the same whether it was 43 years ago or today.) --35th letter

6.  "There is a spot on my dresser that my eye catches the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night and I can think of nothing I'd like better than to have your picture there..."  41st letter

7.  "Hey, I am sorry for making you feel so bad.  I will talk to you later. bye. Nick"  42nd letter.  Sometimes it only takes a small, simple, short note.  Written on a post-it.

8.  "...I know you're in desperate need of some relaxation (and getting into the bath isn't your idea of the most hygienic way to do it), this card comes complete with a promise from me to clean both our bathrooms thoroughly--including scrubbing the tubs."  written from a husband to a wife in a card for Mother's Day.  Yes, sometimes stuff like this is the absolute best! 73rd letter

9.  "You know, it seems I have been in the doghouse since I met you.  Maybe one of thes days I will somehow redeem myself."  94th letter

10.  "Both of us know what tomorrow is and what it might be.  Just in case it isn't what either of us realy expects, it is important to me that you know that I love you.  You have been so wonderful for me for the past 23 plus years and almost 20 full years as my wife.  Thanks for all of it."  note 109.  You'll have to read the book to find out what happened to this couple.

So, do you keep your love letters?

When was the last time you wrote one?

Me?  Too long ago. Unless you count
the love note to my daughter in her
lunch box a week or so ago....

Top Ten {Tuesday}


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