Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Forget {Commit2Write Link Up}

It's early in the evening, but already my patience is late.  A spilled Gatorade marring the carpet--red, of course and a bag of salty pretzels deliberately dumped on the floor is all it takes to send me over the edge of tired and into the abyss of exhausted and at-her-wit's-end mommy.  The tears threaten and the enemy takes advantage of my weakness and starts pelting arrows at me in the form of self-deprecation, and not the humorous kind.

I forget that I'm not superwoman and I let myself get to the point of exhaustion when I don't sleep like I should, when I pack too much into one day, when I forget my limitations.  Who suffers when this happens?  Is it me?  A bit.  Is it my children--absolutely.  I call a hands down truce with my kids and we all tumble to bed.  Me, them, everyone.  Ten hours of sleep later and my head and heart are on the right way and I can finally think again.

Take time to get healthy.  Sometimes it is as easy as going to bed early.  Other times it means beginning a habit or quitting another habit.  Whatever it takes, get healthy.  Don't let yourself get to the point of utter exhaustion where your family members suffer.  Love them better than that.

Now you know why my Commit2Write Link Up is up late.  Sorry about that, but I was sleeping.  Have an amazing Valentine's day.  I'm celebrating with my amazingly gorgeous dates--oh yes, more than one.  They are currently munching on toast and fruit and later we'll have a full coarse of baby cereal, fruit, and a healthy dose of goldfish.  How are you celebrating?

Commit2Write is a community of people who want to practice the art of writing more consistently and encourage each other as well.  Each week we commit to write 300 words on 4 of the next 7 days.  Every Tuesday we link up here at hitherto & henceforth.  You can link any post you want.

All I ask is that you comment on another person's post that's in the link-up.  It's all about encouragement and accountability.

Also, some BIG news.  Commit2Write is going to be moving.  It will be changing homes to a bigger and better home...it will be kind of like moving from a tent into a real live house that's fully furnished and painted and just waiting for you to show up.  It's going to be epic.  So, this week and next week we will still be here, but the first week of March, well, keep your eyes out for the details....


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