Monday, January 2, 2012

my beef

                                                                                    Source: via April on Pinterest

One thing I've found is that since I've become a single parent, the number one thing on everyone else's mind is my love life...or lack thereof.  Because it is obviously the most important thing on MY mind. {this is where a sarcasm font would be dandy}

It really irks me, no, bothers me to my core the rising sentiment that I find around singles, especially moms.  It seems that as we talk and chatter I hear one main overtone.  No one actually says the following words, but the sentiment reverberates and carries the interaction like a palpable undercurrent and believe me, it's easy to be swept in.
I need to find a guy
to be a good mom.

I would be a better mom
if I had a husband.

Do I believe that a child's heart was made for both a mom and a dad?  Absolutely.  I think that arrangement is best and it is how God intended family to be.  That being said, God knows all the details over my situation; singleness and all.  

Truth is, I'm the only mom my kids have TODAY.  My kids won't wait around to grow, be molded, be shaped, or hugged until I can find "the man" in my life.  I'm not against remarriage or the idea of it, but ladies, let's be real here, there's only One man you need to make this parenting thing work as you are and that's God.  End of story.  If there is a human man that comes into the picture then awesome.  If not, that's awesome too. 

Today's the day, lady.  Today's the day to put on your big girl panties and come to terms with the fact that if a man never walks through your door or you never go to another singles' group and you delete your Christian mingle/eHarmony/ account you will still be the only mother your children have.  

Don't let the lie that you can only be a good mom if you have a husband rob your children of the best mom they have today.

What one thing are you doing today
to be your kids' best mom?

I'm counting to five before I react to any situation,
unless they have a sharp object.
In that situation I'll count to five 
AFTER I disarm them.


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