Sunday, December 18, 2011

when you bend the rules

I have a "no glitter" policy in my house.  Better moms encourage their children's creativity by crafting intricate projects with glue and glitter, not caring about the mess, but not I.  No, I am not a fan of glitter, yet in light of the holidays I decided to bend my glitter rule and bring the cursed stuff into my house.

I've been dying to make this little jar project that I found, guess where?  Yep, Pinterest.  Anyhow.  I've been wanting to make it for my four year old and finally got to AC Moore to use my 50% off coupon on the glitter.

I got home and purposefully put the glitter high enough so my two year old couldn't get it; or so I thought.  I think I put away about two items from my grocery bags before I came back out to grab the next bag and voila(!)....


as you can see we will be quite sparkly this Christmas season....
and probably well into July as well.

Do you allow glitter?
Have your kids made any epic messes recently?


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