Thursday, December 1, 2011


I got this idea from reading Casey's blog and I thought I would just bring you up to speed on what's up around here.

presently i'm.....

obsessing over:  crocheting, pinterest, finding more crochet patterns on pinterest, digital scrapbooking and blog design using PhotoShop Elements, sweet potato chips, egg salad sandwiches, olives, and smartfood cheddar cheese popcorn


working on:  two blog designs--three if you include my personal blog and the about page that NEEDS TO GET DONE!!!!; a mailing for one of my jobs, a black and white crocheted cowl for myself, some bracelets to sell next week at our Mothers of Preschooler's Bazaar.

mulling over:  instilling holiday traditions as a family of five with me as a single mom, how God creates with eternity in his mind...not necessarily for the here and now--if that makes sense, where I want to be at the end of next year and then forming my goals accordingly

anticipating:  getting some writing done this weekend, sleeping in past 5:30 am, my kids opening their presents on Christmas morning, seeing family soon, being an aunt again this coming May, reading the Bible in 90 days again this New Year, all the yummy appetizers to make for Christmas....

listening to:  Christa Wells When Emptiness Sings

drinking:  diet Pepsi and TRYING to drink more water

wishing:  to get my book written, to send my daughter to dance lessons, to read all the books on my 'to be read' list, to reach out more, to offer more,

blogs i've frequented this week:  e-tells-tales,  the wiegand's, Tales of Me and the Husband, Unicorns for Socialism

other:  hugging these people
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