Monday, December 5, 2011

first foodie feast

Isabella had quite the birth story, which I have yet to share here, {note to self--write birth stories soon so you can be like every other blogger on the internetzzz} and due to some of the complications I have been very apprehensive to start her on solid food.


i'm not crazy nor suicidal
and when Bella started waking up


i started to re-think the food issue
a good friend of mine started talking to me about
and I noticed that 
I've pretty much always 
allowed my infants to eat what they wanted
with a few restrictions.

Bella was about nine months old 
when all this happened.

Another clue
was that Bella literally
salivated like Pavlov's dogs when I would eat
and tried to crawl out of our arms
to get to table food.

Bella loves real food.
Baby puree...
not so much.

She'd much rather have the real
bits to pick up and mash with her finger.

Here's a picture of her first "real" lunch.
Itty bitty pieces of cheese, apple, and bread.

Upper left: nice smiles
Upper right: okay, I'll smile again
bottom left:  this is yummy CHEEEEZZZZZ!
Bottom right:  this, this is real food.

Have you heard of Baby Led Weaning?
Have you ever tried it?
What were your children's first foods?
How old were they when you started weaning?


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