Wednesday, November 9, 2011


it's all in the eyes; the quick shift in gaze from my face to my left hand that leaves me at a loss for words.  maybe it's the change in your mannerisms or the respect that has left your voice after seeing that my ring finger is empty, yet my cart, my car, my house, my heart is full of four children.

it is as if the questions scroll across your forehead like a ticker-tape
"Are they all yours?"
"She's pretty young to have all those kids."
"Wow, you are busy."
"Doesn't she know how that happens?"
"Yikes, I wonder how many last names they have.
"Dude."  {ok, well maybe you don't say dude....that more or less is a way to describe the look on your face}

No, they aren't all mine.  I round up all the neighbor kids and THEN go shopping. {forgive the sarcasm}
Yes, I'm young. 26 years, two months, six days, and a few odd hours old.
I'm not really busy, per se, I just chase kids. a lot.
Yes, I know how kids happen.
We have one last name, not that it matters.
Dude.  You can say that again.

the eyes, the questions, the implications, they imply negativity.
four never felt so numerous,
but let me tell you,
four is amazing.
i would do it again.
in a heart beat {though I would edit the severe morning sickness if i could}
because they
are my heart beat.

four is a great number,
you want to know why?

because before the foundations of the earth
God knew I would have four.
four blessings
four beauties
four children with whom I've been entrusted
to teach
to shape
to mold
to influence
Heck, I'm only 26 years, two months, six days and a few hours old....I could have more--who knows what God has in store
but for now I have four.


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