Friday, November 11, 2011

Blogger Behave {a review}

Last year when I attended the Relevant Conference a certain speaker's joy absolutely overwhelmed me.  Though her story could have seemed impossible at certain points she is a living testimony of Jesus' power.  This year at Relevant, Laura Booz was able to once again offer an amazing devotional.  She also updated us a bit on her story which included the birth of her son, Malakai.  Laura also offered all the Relevant attendees the gift of her new book Blogger Behave for free.  As soon as I got home I downloaded it and was blown away by the wealth of practical knowledge that it offered to bloggers.

I've been wrestling with my blog for a while now--not knowing what or how to post...wanting to post what people would want to read and still be authentic.  This was a balance with which I was struggling.  Laura offers practical advice as well as attainable action steps that are easy to implement for both veteran and newbie bloggers.  

I recommend this book to anyone; whether they blog or not.  This book could be applicable to any hobby that overlaps with one's "real" life.  I want my blog to be a hobby that my children can look at and say, "My mom's blogging made her a better mom," and not "My mom's blog was more important to her than us."  Blogger Behave helps me accomplish that while still allowing me to blog joyfully.


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