Friday, December 9, 2011

305 ish days {10 months}


Bella turned ten months old yesterday. 
I know, amazing, right?

one of my favorite bloggers,
she is also the mommy to Mr. EE
and every month she does some awesomesauce
updates on his growth/eating/etc.
I look forward to them every month.

Now that I've gotten over the mommy guilt 
of not updating for Bella I decided there's no time like the present 
{that was the token blogger cliche}
and have gotten started, so, E, here's my shoutout to you
for inspiring these posts.
Bella will thank you one day that as the fourth child
you were the reason her growth wasn't completely forgotten.


Bella started sitting up about two weeks ago.  
She really enjoys being able to sit up and play.


Bella is also crawling
I've been baby proofing in earnest
and wondering how I ever survived 
three other crawlers.

Another exciting thing,
Bella decided that bath time isn't 
akin to torture and that she actually
enjoys water.
Yay for her.
Yay for me.


Until I started writing this post Bella wasn't 
pulling herself up yet.
Then I sat down to write and she decided to 
do this.
So, there's the picture.
She's pulling herself up
and tipping her toy basket over.


Bella started solids last month as well.
Because you all want to know,
she's struggling.
She loves, no, LOVES solids,
but I'm struggling to get her pooping regularly.
Because of her bowel obstruction at birth
I was wary of starting solids, so we are 
taking it slowly.

Fave foods:
Mommy brand milk...body temp.
{last week Bella got 4 teeth...yes, in one week...we will see how nursing goes}
apples, peaches, yogurt, bananas, 
raspberries, blueberries, avocado, 

We steer clear of baby cereal because of its
constipating properties.



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