Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Clock for the railway at Whipsnade Zoo
photo licensed under creative commons
courtesy of Martin Pettitt

Life is lived in moments.

The indiscriminate moments are where most of our life exists--the waking and the sleeping, the showering, the preparing of food.  Other moments, however etch themselves in our minds forever.  These movie reels lodge so deeply in our hearts and minds that all the brainwashing in the world couldn't make us forget them.  Details may fade and the ache in our chests may lessen, but the memory remains.

The split second of a moment can alter our lives forever.  We walk on one path and in an instant, the end result looks nothing like we imagined.
Many of our moments are the climax of a days, built upon years, founded in prayers whispered and cried out for; the union of two at a wedding, the squalling of a long-awaited blessing, the first steps of a toddler, the graduation from high school.

Other moments, however, the ones that replay over and over are the moments that will ever divide our lives.  The instances that forever separate our lives into the hemispheres of before and after, polar opposites, never to again be reconciled.

It's the moment before the phone rings....
the day before the test results come back...
the moment before the ultrasound clears...the deep breath before life-changing words are uttered...
the second before the crap hits the fan.  Then all hell breaks loose and we feel as if we lose control.

It's those moments of demarcation that cause us to wonder,
"Where is God and what is He doing?"

Yes, it is okay to wonder that, just tell Him you are wondering.
It's okay to not understand what the heck is happening.
He knows you don't understand.
He just asks you to trust.
To not fear.

Our God is not a God of befores and afters.
No, he is a God of STILL.
He is the God who was, who is, and is to come.

These moments that we allow to categorize our lives are not end all.

Instead we have Him.  He is there before, He is there during, and He is there after.
He IS.


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