Saturday, March 17, 2012

Living Room Repaint

Last weekend I found myself with all sorts of energy and decided that indeed my living room needed to be painted.  When I moved into my house back in August the living room looked like this.

Gorgeous, I know.
Except, I have a green couch
which I could not make work
with the yellow walls.

I was indecisive so we just painted the walls white. Here you have my present (up until last weekend) living room.

just being real, 
with the mess and all.


I was beginning to miss the color of my old house.
I had a pumpkin colored wall along with a basket brown and chocolate wall.
White was killing me.

Here's the new living room.

see, it can be cleaned!
and see what I mean about the green couch? 
Yeah, yellow just isn't okay.

The wall with the windows is 
Valspar's Spruce Forest in a satin finish
and the other three walls are
Valspar's Sterling.

My favorite part of the new room?
my new picture frames.
I am still trying to decide which pictures go where, 
but the frames are up.
They were steals at TJ Maxx.

It bugs me that I don't have curtains yet, 
but I'm taking the Nester's advice 
and resting in the fact that it doesn't 
have to be perfect to be beautiful.

Have a lovely St. Patrick's day!!!


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