Thursday, January 19, 2012

Visionary Parenting: Chapter 2 - Four Times

"It (the family) is the primary environment where faith and character are formed and shaped.  God made your family so that you would help each other to love Him more.
- Visionary Parenting, Dr. Rob Rienow, p. 9

This chapter was super-challenging.  In it, Dr. Rienow talks about the four times during the day referenced in Deuteronomy 6:5-9--family worship, transition times, when we wake up, and before we go to bed.  He also gives examples of how we can utilize those specific times to teach our children about God.  He also talks about how the primary mode of evangelism and disciple ship is from parent to child, so that is where Satan attacks.  Whether it be through our busy schedules or my impatience or my desire to just get them to bed, I am doing all of us a disservice by not slowing down to better speak to them about Christ.

So what do I do now?

Sure, I have things to do at night.  After bedtime is the only time I have to myself and honestly, to say I covet that time is an understatement.  (Note to self:  that might be why my time to myself has been slowly dwindling--perhaps I am placing too high a priority on it...hmm).  It is also the time in which I do my medical transcription.  I am a master at rushing through bedtimes.

Then I think about the times that we really do connect well.  At bedtime it just so happens that I connect really well with all of my kids because I put hem down in a certain order.  The baby goes down first and then while I sing to Viviana the older two read in their beds or in the case of my son, plays his Leapster.  After that I move on to Roman, read a story with him, say our "thankfuls", and pray.  Lastly, there's Zahara who gets the same treatment as her brother.  The older two are quite chatty at bedtime.  Part of that is trying to put off bedtime, I'm sure, but the other part is that they actually have my full attention--something hey crave.  

This week I am going to continue to focus on not rushing through the bedtime routine just to get them in bed.  

What could you do this week to better utilize
one of the four times (worship, transition times,
first thing in the morning, or bedtime)
to chat with your children about God?


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