Saturday, January 21, 2012

to live - from the mind of a word nerd

The word "vivid" has its root in the latin word meaning 'to live'.  If you ever took Spanish, the spanish verb 'to live' is vivir.  See the pattern?

Vivid is directly related to how we live.  Even in this linguistic connection, I believe it begs us to not only live, but to live brightly and wholeheartedly.

If we jump, let's leap!

If we grieve, let us grieve deeply so we can better understand the soaring heights of celebration that is sure to come.

If we are going to do something, let's do it to the absolute, extreme best of our ability.  None of this halfway junk that we give.

When you breathe, breathe deeply.

When you comfort others, enter into their pain.

And when you love--
love with your everything.

Experience life.

Vivir.  to live.


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