Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I have one brother.  That's him in all of his tattooed glory playing good uncle/bad brother by giving my children loud, battery eating presents for Christmas.  I love him for remembering my kids and simultaneously I curse him as my six year-old sings into her battery operated keyboard.  It was just him and I growing up and while I could wax eloquent about our adventures together, that would confuse you as to why I named this post sisters--maybe I should have named it "lack of sisters".

I used to loathe not having sisters.  I really really wanted one.  However, I've come to find that some of my close friends are literally my sisters.  Some of them I even talk to more often than my brother (yes, there is that guy factor as well).  This past week one of my non-blood sisters had a baby and her sister came up to visit and I drove over to their house to visit, chat, snuggle and take photos.
Also, I'm linking up with Darcy for her Sweet Shot Tuesday and truthfully, I think any of these photos qualify :-)

Angela and Grey

Grey, who melts my heart and was such a trooper through the pictures.

Grey again.

Can you get more stunning than this picture?

Jess, Angela and I went to high school together.  One was  a grade above me, the other one below me and we played soccer and basketball together.  We also fought.  Sure, we were friends, but there was definite snark, jealousy, envy, and plain out competition between us.  You know how girls are.  Now, however we are more mature and we're finding that we fit like family.

We ate yummy food.  Laughed.  Kissed babies and watched Angela almost fall in the river.  Okay, well, she didn't almost fall.  She was climbing along the bank and we were calling out encouragement, you know the encouragement that sounds like, "You're going to fall in and we're not coming in after you!"

the only thing that would have
made the day better is if I had 
brought more dessert.

Are there any women in your life who
act as sisters even though you
may not be related through blood?


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