Monday, January 23, 2012


I'm late again.  Harried is a kind term for how I look as I push the squeaky-wheeled cart that has a mind of its own into the grocery store.  I purposefully go down my list, veggies, fruits, bread, meat, dairy.  My list is long and yet it could be longer.  I turn the corner and there she stands; a young woman about my age.  She and I are in the same group at our pre-k moms group, but I look at my watch and I'm five minutes late and by the time we get out of the store it's sure to have increased to ten.  I go down a different aisle.

Sound familiar?  The above story is a perfect example of my life when I haven't allowed myself time to not rush.    I am an extremely productive person, I'd like to think.  I enjoy accomplishing tasks and fitting as much as possible into one day.  Just this morning by ten AM I had shoveled the driveway, made breakfast, made granola, written a few blog posts, emailed a few other people and was well on my way to making more scrumptious goodies.  To not be functioning in a pell-mell all or nothing speed feels foreign to me, and yet I hear God whispering to me to slow down.

Is it because a busy life is a bad one? No.  Could it be that I am not to be productive?  No, I don't think that is it either.  More so, when we are rushing, we lose our ability to obey God.  If I can give myself a ten minute leeway, I could have spoken to that woman in the store and not thought anything about it.  Instead, I'm running so late that I can't even say hi.

When my schedule is so chock-full that it keeps me from being able to be directed by God, then something has to change.  It is imperative.

How do you feel about busy schedules 
and rushing around?

If there was one thing you could
change about your schedule, 
what would it be?


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