Monday, January 9, 2012

no naps and a merit badge

That beauty is a merit badge from Mama Merit Badges.  Oh, yes, there are merit badges for Mamas.  Tantrums aren't the kind of thing that I put up with really well.  Actually, I really don't like tantrums, but recently my two year old has decided to wreak non-sleeping havoc on the household, so in turn I'm having issues with tantrums.  Hers, not mine.

I was lucky enough to have some amazing sleepers as far as children are concerned.  They sleep about twelve hours a night and once they are weaned they only wake up once, if that.  I know, slap me through the computer screen.  They also take amazing naps and about twice a week I can still get all four of them down for a nap at the same time.  Ok, I'm turning my other cheek now.

But there comes a day; you know the one.  That day when your two year old digs in her heels, puffs out her chest and says through eyes struggling to stay open "No nap!"  Sure, the child can't say her name or her age or heaven forbid she enunciate the word "juice", but by golly she can string no and nap together to form a sentence exuding her will.

We are in the middle right now; that very annoying time at which you can't figure out if your child still needs a nap so they won't be a crank the last two hours of the day or if they don't need the nap--but your house may look like Armageddon between five pm and bedtime.

Decisions, decisions.

The past two days I've chosen to let Ana stay awake.  She's been superlatively naughty and aggressive and I'm not liking it, but I will be honest-I'm a little bit proud of myself.  Since I know she's tired, I know why she is acting the way she is and therefore I am able to not take it personally.  We just breathe deeply and NEVER LET HER OUT OF OUR SIGHT.

Have you earned your
merit badge for
tantrums yet?

How did you wean your children off their naps?


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