Monday, January 9, 2012

10 reasons to #commit2write {week 1 link up}

1200 words.
That's how many words we wrote last week.

Can you believe it?
Did you do it?

Today we're linking up a post.
Any post
written in the past week.

It can be contemplative,
fun, quirky, poetry, prose,

As long as you wrote it...

Link up and spread the love!

And now, if you're not sure you want to
#commit2write this week, 
here, for your reading pleasure are my top ten reasons to 

Commit2Write is the group for you if you

1.  Have an ongoing conversation in your head with characters at any given time

2.  Need some encouragement to sit down and WRITE

3.  Have always wanted to write a book, but claim you don't have the time

4.  Need a nifty new place to link up your blog every week

5.  Know you have a message to deliver/story to tell/important things to say

6.  Like to write and want to meet other people who like to write as well

7.  Have post ideas written on napkin scraps, fast food bags, and on your 
arms or the palms of your hands

8.  Just love to write

9.  Want to improve your grammar, style, plot/character development

10.  Need a friend who understands that yes, your characters are real, and yes,
they do talk to you....or is that just me?

If you are on Twitter we will be tweeting with the hashtag #commit2write.  I've made a list of all the commit2write members on Twitter and you can find it here.

Want to join?  Just link up and we'll start encouraging you!  This week I'm going to send out daily tweets to encourage you to write.  Have an awesome week!

Top Ten {Tuesday}


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