Monday, December 12, 2011

of little boys and cuteness

Smooth, milky white forehead presses to mine and "sing me my sunshine" is asked and I start to sing the song that mothers everywhere sing to their own personal sunshines.  On-key or horribly off, he giggles and says, "Okay, mommy.  Now you stay here;  I want to sing you something" and he proceeds to sing back to me the very words I have sung over him time and time again.

I am convinced that this delectably kissable cuteness is the only way four year old boys make it to be five year old boys and then into fifteen year old boys and finally into men.  They pull out these words, and turn into lovable, snuggle-able boys just when your patience threshold has been reached.

Prior to said cuteness, my son had just finished pushing my "He's not going to bed and it is really late" buttons.  As I write this, the cuteness dissolved as he just padded down the stairs and asked for yet another unnecessary drink of water.  My mother's old saying, "You will wet the bed and float down the street," comes to mind and I bite my tongue because as a child I was actually terrified of being swept out my second-story window and away from my parents' house if that happened and  really don't need my son waking up with night terrors of floating down the street.

These moments, they fill my heart and make the rest of the day worth it.  My head is still squished to his, and he's telling me about his day.  The sweet little boy moments that make you want to just eat them up.  Quietly he whispers, "I love you, mama."

My heart melts.

"Heee hee hee." the little boy giggles. "I tooted."

Ahhh. The fleeting moments.


What is a sweet moment you had with your son (or daughter) recently?

How did it end? 
(I hope, for your sake, less fragrantly than mine ;-)


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