Monday, November 28, 2011

Mom, you have a boyfriend?

I was in a superbly good mood Thursday as I prepared delicious delicacies for our Turkey Day feast.  I was only supposed to bring a couple of pies, but thought I would spice it up a little with some spinach/artichoke dip as well as a pumpernickel bread dip.  Michael Buble crooned in the background interspersed with some Harry Connick, Jr. and other random artists picked by Pandora.  I picked up the phone and dialed my dad's number to wish him Happy Thanksgiving.  I won't bore you with the particulars, because I'm sure your "Happy Turkey Day" calls sounded very much like mine, but at one point the question was asked of me,
"So, what are you up to?" 

"Oh, I'm just finishing up cooking and listening to my boyfriend serenade me with holiday tunes..."  I jested, japed, quipped, teased, etc.  Point being, I was JOKING.

Then I heard it....

and I am reminded to be VERY careful what I say around a six year old.

I then went on to explain that mommy was absolutely kidding about the boyfriend comment, especially because yes, her dad and I are separated, but normally I don't even joke about stuff like that.  

So, speaking of separation, I'm sure you're wondering how that affected thanksgiving?  Well, we spent it at my in-laws and had a superb time.  We had yummy food {I live for the appetizers, people} and the company was just grand.  We've also had leftovers for the past two days which means no cooking for moi.  Mommy is happy.  Here are just a few pictures from the fab turkey day...





My favorite food of this past holiday,
definitely the appetizers.

What was your favorite food?

Were you able to get
family pictures where everyone
 is looking at the camera 
and not picking their nose?

If so, 
tell me your secret.

If not, 
don't worry,
you're not alone.


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