Tuesday, February 21, 2012

friend or foe {commit2write link-up}

The dishes are dirty--again.  Orange cracker crumbs are litter the beige surface of my carpet and I spy one stuck to my toddler's rear end as she toddles across the floor.  I'm not sure what's for dinner and even though I did take a shower today, I can't really remember if I brushed my teeth which is probably a good sign that I should just go brush them again.  Two times won't hurt anything.  Shouts intensify as one child's suggestion for a movie is shot down by the other children and I finally restore peace by choosing the peacemaker, Rio.  Finally settled in front of the TV, I'm ready to go and for the first time today I'll sit in front of my computer.  My mind immediately wanders as my fingers, against my will punch in facebook and twitter.  Goodness, they have a mind of their own ;-).  I reluctantly close the tabs and settle in to my word processor.

The clean page gleams empty as the cursor blinks expectantly.  There are days when the blank page feels like it is working against me, taunting my inability to ascribe meaning onto it.  Then there are days like today, when I've been doing everything in my power to get to this point.  I've been dreaming about the empty cursor waiting for my words to give it motion--my touch to assign meaning.  For days now a plot has been ruminating in my head and now it's finally onto paper.  Today I will write.  Now.

Are there days when you feel like the empty page is your friend?  Or more often is it your foe? 
Purpose to befriend it today.

Commit2write is a community of writers encouraging
each other to practice the art of writing 
more consistently.

To join? 
Just link up a post from last week 
and TRY to write 300 words
4 times over the next 7 days.

Then come back next week.

We tweet with the hashtag #commit2write.


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