Friday, January 6, 2012

whisper that roars

When you think of a roar, ear-splitting, mind boggling noise comes to mind.  I'm sent back to the zoo where I stand face pressed against glass, nose smushed watching this terrible and majestic animal break the silence with his deafening roar.  He cries power and dominion and yet beauty is still found in his golden mane.

A quiet sound can be heard as a roar.  A lie whispered at a precise moment can reverberate in one's head spinning round and round until lie is perceived as truth even though it is still a lie.  The deceiver's words are like that.  Whispered at the moment when you are at your weakest, him knowing that you are most vulnerable, most susceptible to his deceit then.  His voice cries, "You aren't enough.  You'll never be good enough."

But there is still Another Voice.  The Voice whose baritone and timbre sends the Deceiver running, tail between his legs.  It's the Voice that calmed oceans and created Heavens; from the same mouth that came stars and living breath.  It's a voice that speaks out, "She is mine and she is enough."

My heart quakes in response.


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