Sunday, January 1, 2012

intentional {one word}

Intentional is to parenting forums
authentic is to blogging communities.
Buzzwords are they both.

For the past year God has been hammering home the idea and the action of being intentional.  Intentional is not easy.  Intentional is difficult and time-consuming.  Intentional means I choose to be pre-emptive instead of reactive and pre-empting what I think will happen means I took the time to think about the outcome PRIOR to my action and that takes time.  My time.

In 2012 I'm looking to be intentional in many different parts of my life, but the most important part is my parenting and my relationships with my children.  I am far too comfortable to let myself blunder aimlessly in regards to my children because let's face it, I'm tired.  This isn't a pity party, but I'm a mom of four kids under the age of six.  It's tiring.  This blog post has written itself in my head for the past three nights just scratching at my brain to get typed out on this screen, but kids got sick, kids didn't sleep, I fell asleep with said sick children weighing me down like rocks, etc.  Life happens and it tires me out, but as my oldest turned six this week, I am reminded that it goes quickly.  Six years ago I never pictured what life would be like six years down the road because frankly, I don't think I even imagined that six years would even arrive if that makes sense.  Yet here, 2,190-ish days later, I sit.  Typing.  About being intentional.

God.  I want to take more time getting to know God and talking with Him.  To help me, I'm reading the Bible in 90 Days again.  This year I'm starting in January and am being held accountable by Stephanie.  This experience was awesome last year and I can't wait to delve into it again this year.  It was interesting how my pastor's sermons "coincidentally" coincided with where I was reading in my 90 Day journey.  

My health and wellness.  I'm exercising more.  I'm going to walk on the treadmill three days a week and also go to bed before 11 pm.  Truthfully, I'd like to see more of my treadmill than three days, but I tend to shoot way too high and then get superbly disappointed with myself, so three it is.

Writing.  I'm going to write three hundred words a day, four days a week.  That's a grand total of 1200 words a week.  Feel like joining in or do you need some accountability?  Consider joining Commit2Write.  It's a link-up filled with women who want to write...or at least I hope it will be.

Parenting.  I recently became a single mom.  I never, ever, in my wildest dreams thought that the words "single mom" would apply to me and my (ex) husband still be alive.  Never, y'all.  I spent most of this fall grieving the loss of my marriage and writing a family mission statement that was part of a class I was attending at my church.  In the future I will be sharing more about our Family Mission Statement and how it works for us. 

"...for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to His good pleasure."
- Philippians 2:13

What about you?
What's your ONE word for 2012?


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