Tuesday, January 17, 2012

commit2write week 2 (link-up)

"This is how nearly everything important I’ve ever done has happened — not as a result of a plan, but over time, thanks to new habits."

I read that quote earlier this week and thought it fit the goal of Commit2write so well.  This challenge isn't a die-hard plan.  It is just a group of writers showing up to encourage one another to show up.  To sit down and write.  The numbers are just something to shoot for. 

This week I literally wrote my blog posts.
Nothing else.
Nothing uber creative or mindblowing; just my blog posts.
Life exploded and that's okay.

Feel free to link up any post that you've written.  Even if you weren't an "official" commit2write member, if you wrote something just link it up!  The point is to encourage each other to write more--not membership.

So this week, let's link it up!

Feel free to join the conversation on Twitter.  We tweet with the hashtag #commit2write and there's a list of all the commit2write peeps :-)

If you don't want to miss a commit2write post, I'd love for you to get hitherto & henceforth delivered to your inbox for free.   


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