Tuesday, December 20, 2011

and yet.

Nitty gritty.
Down and dirty.
That's the life we lead.

It's a blood encrusted and foul plight.
A destitute us longing for the richness of You.

You are the citrine cast of a setting sun;
the deep ochre of a wheat field ripe.
The shades of blue prismed in the sea is held in the same hand
that set the sun to command the tides.

Eagles soar majestic and cannot compare to You.
Were Your finger to touch rock mountains
would crack splitting terra from sky and straight
to molten core, liquid.

Angels heed Your every word and creation worships you
with words unintelligible to our ears and yet,

You came.

You came as pounds and ounces
covered in waxy vernix and squalling as your
grace covenant was sealed through pressure
and blood of birth.
You traded a regal entrance enveloped by velvet and
streamed through the media for a trough with
hay, manure, and swill.

You came.

You came to love and to vindicate; to justify, to resurrect.
to lift, to mend, to teach.

To take notice in a crowd when flesh touched hem
and faith was rewarded with healing.

You came as dust to meet dust;
to not cast the first stone and
instead throw the first lifeline.

You came to hunger, and not give in to temptation;
to show us it could be done,
to understand all of us.

You came to cry and bleed;
to be

You came to carry
my sin
my shame
my mistakes
my lies
my blackness
my anger
my divorce
my sleeping with my boyfriend before he was my husband
my curse words
my unbelief
my anger at my children
my "I wish I could do this over"'s

My debt.
My cross.

You came to bleed
life-giving blood
in front of we who know not what we do
and yet
You forgive us anyway.

You came to crush Satan's head
Just like Genesis said you would;
to take names
and confiscate keys
once and for all
beckon back those whom You love.

You came

and the best part is....
You're coming back.


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