Thursday, November 3, 2011

in the mundanity

feet are pounding and something smashes.  I'm not sure if someone jumped off a bed or if a door slammed.  One of the downfalls of an older house is that LOUD describes almost everything in this house.  At six AM when she is humming to herself I hear it and at six PM when I am laying the baby down I can hear them eating dinner downstairs.  We can hear.  The upside of this is that between the baby monitor and the old house I can be working downstairs and hear the goings on of the upstairs.  All that to say, our house isn't one for secrets.

Smashing.  That's where I was.

"Mom!"  The very tone of her voice tells me that her next words are not going to be kind.  Instead they will be cutting.
"Roman, get out of there!  Don't do that! I don't want you to..." and the rant continues.  She rushes down the stairs still calling out to me.

She stands impertinently on the step, hand on hip, knee jutting out in a pose that strikes me as one who knows she is beyond reproach and is waiting for me to dole out the punishment.

"Mom, Roman was doing this and you need to do....."

Having heard the whole interaction I knew that her tone had been in no way encouraging.  In fact it had been downright unkind.

"Zahara, it makes me very sad when you speak to your brother that way.  I don't like to hear you talking to him like that.  You have to remember, you are equals.  You are not in charge of him, you are brother and sister."


I love it when God chooses to speak to me in my normal, every day mundanity {mundane + insanity = mundanity}.  I don't always like what he says, nor the effect it has on my heart.  However, I'm just happy He's speaking to me.  I wonder if he feels this way when he sees us squabbling amongst ourselves here on earth.  

If I begin to understand my worth in Christ as well as my place as far as God sees me, then I know that I am a child of God {Eph. 1:5 NIV} as well as a co-heir with Christ {Romans 8:17}.  Since that's true, it also means that my fellow Christians are given the same place...they are adopted right along beside me and we are co-heirs together with Christ.  

They aren't responsible for me just as I am not responsible for them, yet if they were to see me doing something wrong they could say something to warn me, but they can't make my decisions for me.  They also couldn't physically KEEP me from making a decision. 

Is my feeling of sadness when my kids are speaking ugly to each other just an echo of what God feels when I am speaking ugly to or about another one of His children?  I have to constantly remind myself that we are equals; equally loved, equally cherished, equally important.  We are both God's favorites just as Zahara is my favorite, Roman is my favorite, Viviana is my favorite, and Isa is my favorite.

Does God ever speak to you in your mundanity?

Do you struggle with speaking ugly about others?



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