Saturday, February 11, 2012

a month of Sundays

a month ago I decided to try and unplug for a Sunday.  I thought it might be restful to turn of the screen and not open my laptop on a Sunday; maybe it would help me focus on other things.  After four Sundays of this I've learned a few things

You have to plan.  I woke up with ideas of brown eyes and an annoyed little girl named Amy in my head.  I vaguely remembered a story about Amy Carmichael being upset about her eye color and her story would be a wonderful illustration for the Sunday school lesson I was supposed to be teaching later that day.  I did open my computer to check my facts.  Then I closed it. All day.

Grace.  Give yourself grace.  I totally forgot that the recipes that I wanted to cook were naturally all on Pinterest, so one of the Sundays I had to hop over there for a recipe.  I didn't however, check my facebook, or Twitter, or my email.

The best part about this whole experience is that my list of writing "to-do's" could get completely put on hold.  There was no pressing boulder trying to squash me during worship or an overwhelming "I must get this done" distracting me while I played with my children.  I was able to actually relax while not feeling as if I needed to accomplish a task because let's face it, the to-do list never fully changes to the "done" list.

So what did I do while I wasn't on the computer?  I had some friends over.

I folded laundry, though somehow my dining room table is still covered
after my friends left, of course.

I read some books


and I enjoyed my kiddos.

I did open my laptop to listen to my music.

And lastly, 
my little brother got engaged 
and then came over to visit

this is me with him and
my cluttered kitchen
(jeans: GAP thrifted, shirt: DeclareIt thrifted,
sweater: thrifted, headband: borrowed from Isabella)

I completely recommend going unplugged
even if it is just for one day.

Have you ever?
What was your experience?

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