Tuesday, November 22, 2011

in which I wear the products of my Pinterest binge

Source: midwesternmoms.com via Karen on Pinterest

I've been on a Pinterest binge for the past few days.  I think all the angst from seeing all the amazing projects finally got to me and I had to let it all out, so here's a little taste of what I've been up to.

I've been jones-ing over this shirt for quite a while and I finally rounded up all
the goodies I needed and made it.  What did I write on my shirt?
Yes, if you are still dateable, find a girl who reads.

I also saw this headband and fell in love. 
Of course I *had* to make it.

Here is my version complete with messy table in the background.


my gift to you? 
real life.
with four kids.

I'm also working on this blanket for some Christmas gifts, but sshhhh.

cute, no?

My biggest issue with pinterest binges?  the cost.
Recently I found out that my local salvation army has 25 cents day every Monday.
A specific color tag every Monday is 25 cents per item.  
This week it was pinks so look what I scored


I did pay $1.99 for the navy shirt, but that one is to wear and embellish as opposed to the others that are solely for cutting up so I can make fun pinterest projects. 

T-shirts come in such a variety of colors that at 25 cents each it is so much cheaper to just buy them as opposed to shopping all over the place for a color that I like.

Here it is when it all comes together complete with my overstuffed and unorganized bookshelf in the background as well as the strips for that zig zag quilt hanging over said bookshelf to keep them out of kids' reach.

That headband is a different color {you can play match it with one of my 25 cent t-shirts above ;-)}
and the shirt is my watermark tee and the jeans are my most comfortable thrifted pair that I bought for

I feel so accomplished.
Now I'm off to Pinterest to find more projects to do.
{realistically I am off to change someone's diaper.  just keepin' it real}

Have you made anything off of Pinterest?
If so, what?

If you need an invite just email me at
kristinapetrella (at) yahoo (dot) com
and I will shoot one to you 


pleated poppy


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